Beginning essay Writing: Exactly About Me

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Beginning essay Writing: Exactly About Me

Beginning essay Writing: Exactly About Me

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Materials and preparation

  • Story paper
  • Lined paper
  • Crayons
  • Pencils
  • write
  • sentence
  • topic

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to write a straightforward story about one topic with relevant details.


  • Tell the students that they can draw and color a picture about anything that makes them happy today.
  • Give them time to brainstorm some topics.
  • Let them best custom writing companies have several ideas such as for instance animals, toys, games, favorite food if they’re stuck and can’t think of anything.

Explicit Instruction/Teacher modeling

  • Choose a subject of interest to you personally.
  • Draw a photo to go along with it. Show the learning students the way the drawing does not have to be perfect.
  • Demonstrate for the students how you will choose words that describe your picture.
  • Make an inventory and write those words regarding the board.
  • Use 2-3 of these expressed words in a sentence.
  • Show the learning students the way the sentences relate to the picture.

Gu >(15 minutes)

  • Instruct the learning students to think about several words that tell about the picture they drew.
  • Ask them to write the expressed words on lined paper.

Independent working time

  • Tell the students to think about sentences that tell about their pictures before they start writing.
  • Have students turn and communicate with an elbow partner to describe the matter that is important for them orally using details that are relevant
  • Ask them to write 1-2 sentences about the image.


  • Enrichment: Encourage advanced students to publish a paragraph about their picture. They might desire to add additional pictures and writing, encourage them to do so.
  • Support: Struggling students may give attention to correct spelling. Because this is beginning writing, encourage them to sound out words or phonetically write them. It is possible to assist them.


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