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All About Us

We are a local Florida company specializing in handmade artisan soap and body products. Our focus has been on creating high quality products using organic and fair trade ingredients. We are proudly vegan friendly and palm oil free. All of our soaps are crafted in individual batches. We do not mass produce so you can be assured that you are getting a high quality product every time,

We have spent countless hours researching and studying the art of making soap. This is to bring you something special, something you cannot get from the mass produced synthetic based soaps from the store. High quality oils and reputable suppliers have been thoroughly vetted over the course of time. Dozens of recipes have been tested and disregarded in my quest to find the “perfect” bar.

We use coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil and castor oil, all plant based oils and butters, no animal products and NEVER any animal testing.  We took the extra steps to become certified by Leaping Bunny!  Our commitment to cruelty free and no animal testing extends not only to us, but the suppliers we use.   These oils are sourced from reputable suppliers who share our concerns about quality and our planet. Fair trade and organic versions of oils ensure that not only are we bringing quality to our bars but providing a better life for those who harvest them. You will find that the smooth, luxurious feeling you get while showering and the clean feeling you have after you dry off will have you throwing your store bought body wash in the trash.

Official Company Profile


Our company was founded under unique circumstances. I spent years in the retail industry holding positions from corporate trainer to store manager. I loved my job and the company I worked for, I must have since I spent nearly 25 years there.

I was completely driven and very good at my job. I had a family who loved me, a husband and 3 beautiful children. I was a type A personality who wanted to provide everyone I came in contact with a wonderful experience whether it was shopping at my store or simply being on a family vacation. Naturally I wanted to provide my children and myself the best when it came to what we put in or on our bodies. I was a complete label reader. Being a total DIY pinterest mom I started with bento box lunches, birthday cakes, etc. Through my research I came across bath bombs! How fun! I started in the world of DIY bath products and never looked back.

Fast forward a couple of years and I delved into soap making, the first melt and pour gifts for the grandparents and I was hooked. I studied, watched youtube and read books like mad until I felt comfortable delving into cold process soap making. Its not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. As I made batch after batch, my philosophies started changing. I was working 60 hours a week at a job I loved and was good at but I profited more for the company I worked for than I did for myself. The innovation I had benefited them and I was paid a salary for it. What if I could take my vision and skill and do it for myself?

The Mellow Mermaid was born. My daughter loves mermaids and has been my creative force for using quality products but with a fun twist. This was a slow process, small business entrepreneurship is a long hard road but there is something amazing about creating something that is one of a kind and sharing it with the world. My vision was just a vision for a very long time. Testing and formulating something does not happen overnight, its takes months, even years to perfect (and then it often changes again!) I often think of the founder of the company I worked for and the struggles he endured. It’s a well known story about an amazing man who had a dream. I have a dream and I’m proud to share it with you.


Our company started in our home and has grown exponentially. Through testing, researching and innovative processes we have streamlined our organization. Through productivity and efficiency testing (thank you retail background) we are able to scale up our production to provide not only quality products on our website but to retail stores as well. Check out our section on stores we are in for more information. If you would like to see our brand in your store, we have a wholesale section on the page for you to contact us.

Production Facility

We are now located in a nicely sized facility in Lynn Haven, FL. We were able to secure it late last year and we’re working hard this year making improvements to streamline our production. We are actually expanding the floor plan later this year. Our production facility is not open to the public but we add pictures and videos periodically to show our processes.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at the Mellow Mermaid is to provide high quality products using sustainable ingredients presented in a fun whimsical way for all to enjoy! To accomplish that we do the following:

  • Only source ingredients from suppliers who commit to sustainable practices and provide commitment to fair trade causes
  • From products to packaging we strive to make the least amount of environment impact as possible, that means using eco friendly biodegradable resources whenever available.
  • Be involved in our community. 10% of our net proceeds are reinvested in our community through worth while projects. Our key focuses are child development through class room learning and extra curricular activities, eco friendly causes, the plight of the homeless and ocean conservation.
  • Provide employment and skill training to men, women and young adults who haven’t had the opportunity to flourish in the traditional work force.
  • Enjoy life, have fun and above all be kind!

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