A Little Introduction To Our Team Members


YOU WILL NEED TO ADD YOUR TEAM MEMBERS AND PICS HERE. Phillip has a lot of responsibility here at the Kudzu Soap Company. He is the founder, owner, and the backbone of this company.

Phillip is, first and foremost, the reason you have access to our AMAZING handmade bath & body products.

A lot of time goes into the research and development of all of our bath & body products that you use daily – and he has done that diligently!

He gets up early in the morning to “make the soap” and then does various other product productions throughout the day. He assures that all of the products are in stock and available so that orders can be filled and delivered to you as soon as possible.

Some of Phillip’s favorites activities are running the business, floating in the lake at Hanging Dog in Murphy, NC and spending time with his family and his babies.


Behind the scenes is where you will normally find Kevin. He is our tech guru here at Kudzu Soap Company.

He is in charge of our entire website, from the front end all the way down to the e-commerce portion. It is a daily grind to assure that everything is functioning properly and without delay.

In addition to the website, Kevin handles all of the day-to-day back-end operations. From the e-commerce side of things to generating order fulfillment slips and assuring all orders are promptly filled and shipped. Kevin is also our first line of contact with our wonderful wholesale customers.

On occasion, Phillip pulls him into the production area, when he is not getting on his nerves… LOL, Life is a joy here at Kudzu Soap Company   🙂